Escuyer is an undergarment brand based on a charismatic and tasteful culture.

The story behind Escuyer logo

The story behind Escuyer logo


If you want your business to success, a great logo is crucial.

People often confuse the meanings of brand and logo. A logo is a symbol or icon that identifies a business; it is essentially the face of your brand. The logo is the single visual representation of your company. It communicates everything your business stands for in a non-verbal way including your services, ethics, customer service and reputation. It is what makes you unique.

The name Escuyer comes from ‘Esquire' in old french. As in the Middle Ages the squire was there to help the knight, today Escuyer is dedicated to serve and facilitate the life of busy working men by offering them quality essentials and more free time.

Modern practice agency created a visual solution based on the heraldic system. This typographic reinterpretation of heraldry is not only strongly linked to the brand's name, but it also conveys the brand's world.
While the 'typographic heraldry' stands for Escuyer's refinement, its multiple variations translate the flexibility andadaptability of the brand towards its customers.

Article source: smokingdesigners

Logo design: Modern Practice


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