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Accessories Women Love On Men: Socks

Orange melange Socks Escuyer

Having the right accessories in your wardrobe will make dressing for a date or an event that much easier. With the right combination of accessories, you will look much more put-together, confident and handsome. Sorry to break it to you but a nice watch isn't the only accessory you should have in your collection. There are several accessories women love to see on men — a collection to choose from allows you to change your look according to your mood and plans. TV host, media personality and fashion expert Natalie Langston suggests: "It is great when men have a collection of smart and classic accessories, and while they should not all be worn at the same time, an individual stylish accessory adds that something extra to his outfit." Ask men has polled several women, fashion experts and dating experts to bring to you the accessories women love on men and of course socks are among them.

Socks are the best way to add a little fun, color and personality into your wardrobe. Colorful, patterned and funny socks are a must-have accessory for men. Women love a man with a sense of humor. Sarah, 30 says "my biggest fear is to date a guy who's boring. I know it sounds weird, but if I catch a glimpse of a fun pair of socks on a first date, I'll be impressed because I'll know he's got a sense of humor and some personality."

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Source: Askmen

The perfect gift: Socks

No gift idea for Christmas? Get some socks.
No gift idea for a Birthday? Get some socks.

Why are socks the perfect Holiday gift?

- No one likes to go shopping for socks.
- Everyone needs socks.
- Socks are an easy and cheap gift.

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