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A Better T-Shirt

The T-shirt  started as the standard-issue undershirt of US soldiers, buried beneath the military overshirt. Then, after WWI veterans returned from abroad, the tee moved outward, being worn not as undershirt, but as a garment independent of an outer layer. By the ’50s, the white tee had become mainstream and iconic: think Henry Winkler or Marlon Brando.

The enduring appeal of the t-shirt can largely be attributed to its versatility. Pair a t-shirt with jeans, and the resulting look is as cool today, as it was at its inception in the 1950s. A classic t-shirt worn with good tailoring is unbeatable when it comes to achieving effortless style.



The Perfect White T-shirt

The quest for the perfect white t-shirt is never-ending. A wardrobe staple, a classic every man should own one. Where do you turn?

At Escuyer we are convinced that our white crew neck t-shirt is the best t-shirt you’ll ever wear. A clean aesthetic and close fit are combined to bring you our incredibly soft and lightweight crew neck t-shirt. Escuyer’s T-shirts are perfect for smart or casual wear. Made from 100% premium cotton, the t-shirts arrive in fully recyclable packaging.

Escuyer is designed in Brussels. We handpick the best quality cotton from South America and produce our undergarments at a great family-owned factory in Portugal.

We offer a unique internet-based t-shirt, socks and underwear subscription that will allow you to save precious time and continually have fresh basics in your drawers delivered at 3, 4 or 6-month intervals. If you prefer not to subscribe, Escuyer‘s items can also be bought individually.

Why should you get a subscription?

▪   Save precious time by not having to even think about getting new T-shirts.
▪   Save 10% by getting a subscription.
▪   You can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

If that wasn't enough, Escuyer’s brand identity has been nominated by the Design Museum of London as one of the best identity for 2014.