Classic Ribbed Socks Gift Pack - Escuyer

Classic Ribbed Socks Gift Pack

Are you looking for the perfect gift idea for others or yourself? 
We have the solution for you with this Classic Ribbed Socks Gift Pack. This pack contains 3 pairs of classic ribbed socks: one navy, one anthracite and one black.
Escuyer socks are manufactured at a great family-owned factory in Portugal.
These socks fit a casual and office look.

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80% cotton, 19% polyamide, 1% elastane
Made in Portugal

Why should you get a Classical Ribbed Socks Subscription?

  • Don't waste time shopping for socks anymore.
  • No more toes poking through holes.
  • Save 10% on your order.
  • Our socks are the most comfortable socks you will ever wear.
  • Made in a small family owned factory in Portugal.
  • Not happy with your subscription: cancel it anytime with a single click.