Man On The Moon - UFO - Escuyer
Man On The Moon - UFO - Escuyer

Man On The Moon - UFO

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

We might not all have been there yet in 1969 to witness it but we all know this famous quote by Neil Armstrong after setting foot on the moon. 

To celebrate the 50th birthday of this historic achievement, the Belgian brand Escuyer has designed a witty capsule T-shirt collection. After a successful collaboration with Belgian graphic designer Matthieu Regout (Club Sandwich) for the world cup capsule collection, the 2 joined forces again. This time Escuyer’s iconic t-shirt in a seasonal colour palette features 3 iconic symbols of astronomy: the rocket ship, the astronaut or the flying spacecraft.

Just like the rest of the Escuyer collection, each t-shirt is made of a superior quality cotton

Fit true to size. 

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100% Cotton
Made in Portugal